Beating Sugar Addiction was a success!

We have been successful at beating sugar addiction. Alright, we’ve finished treatment, and we are past the sugar withdrawals and on to the everyday life that involves curbing a sugar addiction. The withdrawals May be gone, but the desire for the sweetness never leaves -like a smoker will say they always want a cigarette even many years after quitting.

This is where your mind needs to control your body – well mainly your stomach. Always remember sweetness is okay, in moderation  – and always lean for nature’s candy over mankind’s (choose the fruit over skittles).

One big thing I learned when beating sugar addiction is not only is sugar an addiction that wreaks havoc on your body – it is also a crutch. It literally has the same qualities as alcohol, actual drugs and smoking. It is a stress relief, though very temporarily.

I am not a big drinker, I have never smoked nor done drugs. I was always proud to say I didn’t have a vice. Well guess what? I did! Sugar – for me the love was candy of any kind.

Here’s a few tips to make sure you keep up this new life style and LOVE beating sugar addiction:

  • Replace the crutch (sugar) with something healthy for your mind and body. Exercise and mediate daily. You will gain tons of energy with your fuel being actual nutrients – spend it wisely. Find an exercise you love. For me it’s running – and believe me I never EVER thought I would say that! I’ll go into more detail of my adventures at the track later.
  • Find healthy substitutes. We all love baked goods, and a bit of sweetness is our smoothies. Find a sugar replacement. Now, I warn you, stay away from any of the fake, processed stuff like Splenda. Those are another world of wrong. I find Stevia works great for me – it is natural and abliet there’s a slight aftertaste I actually like the taste. When it comes to tea I use agave nectar, in small quantities.
  • Limit yourself. Don’t torture yourself. I spent months avoiding all sugar. I gave away any that was lying around the house. I started to loathe myself for not being “allowed” sugar. Then I learned that after the addiction is beat, and the sugar wasn’t pulsing through my veins, that is was ok to have some sugar. The key is control. The key is portions. I allow myself a chocolate here or there; or I will buy one bag of skittles (nowadays it’s NOT a three pound bulk barn bag of skittles). If you make something taboo you will go out of control when you do get your hands on it – like an anorexic person will binge eat way beyond their calorie intake for a day.
  • Your senses heighten. I mean it. You can actual taste things in food you doing before. I guess the sugar gremlins numbed my senses. I know understand when someone says “wow that’s so sweet” and it’s nice to enjoy the taste of things.

beating sugar addiction

Sugar is Not Your Boss!

Don’t think of this as a life sentence, it’s not prison. It is a great new life style, you will feel great! After a few months you will not even remember how dependency of sugar felt.

I dare say it but some days you will even politely decline that piece of chocolate or candy.

You will be in control of your healthy, and will not be lead blindly by the sugar gremlins.

Congrats on beating sugar addiction! Say goodbye and never look back!