animal cross stitch patterns

Cross Stitch Pattern Highlights: Animal Cross Stitch Patterns

Animals are great to use for cross stitch patterns and also look great as decor in the home.

I’ve got a great selection of animal cross stitch patterns on the Creatively Crafting Etsy Store for you to choose from. All sorts of fun from the animal kingdom!

What’s your favourite animal? I likely have a pattern with it.

Create Custom Animal Cross Stitch Patterns

As well custom patterns can be made from nearly any image, as long as it a decent quality and size.

Have a picture of your pet or favourite animal you would want to stitch?

Then send me a message, say hello and show me what picture you want to stitch. We can discuss from there!

New to Cross Stitching?

Don’t forget to take a look at my getting started in the world of cross stitching guide for everything you need to know to conquer the cross stitching hobby perfectly.

A Peek into My Animal Kingdom of Cross Stitch Patterns

Making patterns with adorable little animals of all sorts is so much fun! Here’s a few of the top animal cross stitch patterns:

Ribbit! Adorable Frog Cross Stitches



What a Cute Teddy Bear Cross Stitch


Majestic Horse Cross Stitch


Want Something Free? Maybe an Animal Cross Stitch Pattern?

Of course! We all want something for free! Well these adorable baby animal cross stitch patterns are completely free. All you have to do is pop in your email address and I will email you the pattern.