All About The Girl Behind the Creativity

Can one person love EVERY kind of creativity??

Do you feel like you are always starting a new project, or a new hobby? Perpetually adding to your creative to do list?

Me too!! 

If you are looking to stop that creative to do list from growing, you are in the wrong place! This crafty corner of the internet will only make that list longer – and help you check all the creativity off. 

Embrace your Creativity and let it Free!

I want to help you unleash your creativity and use it to be uber successful in all aspects of life. I promise you, creativity helps create a life filled with happiness, joy and fulfillment. 

Creativity is not just in the craft room. It is everywhere. I will show you how to sprinkle creativity into every aspect of your life.

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It’s time you start letting that creativity out – you will find your inner peace and have a ton of fun!


Who is this Creatively Obsessed Girl?

Here I am, mastering my fairy talent of tinkering.

Alright, you got me I am NOT Tinkebell… though I totally wish I was (or at least had her here as a helper). 

Tinkerbell is my spirit animal – well I guess it would be spirit fairy (?) 

My husband was the one that got me hooked – he thinks a lot of my qualities mirror those of Tink. 

I am feisty and totally stubborn. I am always on the look out for new projects and give me anything and I’ll think up something to use it for.  (True story – ask the hubby! He throws nothing, and I mean NOTHING out without asking if I can use it for something)

I am also a giant goof ball and always looking at the happy side of everything. I love corny jokes, the cornier the more I laugh. 

Also, people say I’m clumsy. I tend to disagree – I believe that the floors hate me, tables and chairs are bullies, knifes have a mind of their own and the wall just keeps getting in the way! This ‘supposed’ clumsy trait of mine does make for a messy craft room and an over use of band-aids.

In trying to find a picture for this page, I’ve only come up with a few options. Ask me for pictures of my cats, my creations or my ever changing hair – I got tons!

Come take a peak at the life behind the scenes on Instagram – I use that as my creative dumping ground, it has all aspects of life as ME!

This picture is from two summers ago, so needless to say my hair is not the same anymore – I change my hair more often than most people change their bed sheets. 

Why I Craft?

Creativity has always just come naturally to me. I started very young – my mom is a big crafter too. Her specialty is crochet – not my forte for sure. 

I just love seeing this pile of “stuff” turn into something beautiful. Be it a stack of paper turning into a card, some string turning into an image, or a piece of wood turning into a beautiful gift. 

I am all about hand-made and home-made. From the kitchen, to gift giving. Everything should be made with love and made my hand. Okay, not EVERYTHING, I am not about to teach you to make your own toilet paper 😉

Gifts – it is especially important to be creative – or at least incorporate creativity. Gift cards are a no – unless you wrap them in a home-made box with a home-made card and deliver it by a bundle of balloons! 

What You Will Leave Here With?

Each time you stop by this creatively crafted corner of the web you will leave with inspiration and confidence to approach life creatively. 

You will feel filled with a power to conquer.

You may also leave hungrier than you came, with a new found obsession with fairies and glitter. But that’s a risk you should definitely take. 

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