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Adult Coloring Books Review: Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta

I have never grown up when it comes to coloring. I believe it is NOT just for kids, and that everyone should escape and color a bit. In my search for an adult coloring book I found that online they never really show the inside of the book. It is a matter of trial and error it seems.

So, I thought I would share my adventures in finding great adult coloring books. I have either just bought them and crossed my fingers hoping they were good; or I have trekked all the way to a local store to take a peek inside.

I’m saving you the gamble, or the road trip – with a few reviews on some great (and not so great) coloring books!


Who said coloring is just for kids!! An adult coloring book is a great way to unwind.

This was my first coloring book purchase. I will admit I judge this book by its cover! It is BEAUTIFUL!!

I love a coloring book that has detailed pages, not just something simple; I want to spend quality time with my coloring, not just a quick draw. I also love animals, so this seemed like a no brainer. My gut paid off – this is an amazing adult coloring book.

Then designs are intricate and leave a ton of room for creativity! Check out these owls – that’s just one of the pages.


A lot of the pages also span across both sides, there I’ve started one (need to make some more time for this lovely book). You can see the other side flows with it as both the parrot and chameleon are sitting on the same branch.


I will never review something and lie about what I think. This is my honest (and I am Canadian, so I am honest by nature) opinion. I give this book two thumbs up!! I plan to get the rest of her series in the near future.

Other Adult Coloring Books By Millie Marotta:

  • Tropical World
  • Tropical Wonderland

They are my wish list for my next shopping spree. I personally got these at Chapters (a Canadian bookstore). But it is even cheaper on Amazon and delivered to your door! If only I had shopped around!

Get a copy on Amazon for a great price!

Escape and relieve some stress with a little bit of coloring!

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