Ever creative mind needs a craft room – here are 7 inexpensive craft room decorating ideas. The must haves of any craft room.

Although I catch myself drooling over the dream craft rooms I see all over Pinterest, I know the pretty penny behind those craft rooms and I need to make my space work best for me in the most cost effective way. More I spend on the room, the less I get to spend on the supplies to fill it!

7 Craft Room Decorating Ideas

There are so many awesome craft room ideas on Pinterest but I thought I would focus on the essentials that EVERY craft room needs. You do not need to be a millionaire to have a great craft room.

The key to a great craft room is that is promotes creativity and is inspiring to you. That’s why no two craft rooms should be identical – it is your very own space.


Before beginning the countdown, for those with fur babies – train them to supervise your crafting (like mine do). Can you spot the fur babies??

#1: Storage, storage and MORE storage!

The first of my craft room decorating ideas is storage. Every craft room needs storage. Could you imagine the disaster a room filled with paper, pom poms, pipe cleaners and all those crafting supplies WITHOUT storage! The horror!

A craft room is a life size game of Tetris, optimize the space for maximum craft supply hording!

I find the key is to have a variety of different storage mediums.

  • Stackable bins are a great way to utilize space.  They are easy to toss things into and see where everything is.
  • I also love to save mason jars, pickle jars and other containers – free storage in my eyes!
  • Plastic drawer storage bins – another must have. I watch for the 50% coupon at Micheals and get great bins perfect size for scrapbook paper.
  • Pencil bases and make up bags work great for all your coloring, and drawing supplies.

#2: Buy Supplies in Handy Storage Systems.

Whenever you can buy supplies that already come with their own storage.

  • Scissors in a carousel are super handy.
  • Pens or pencils in their own case.

#3: Space to Create!

Craft room decorating ideas – pro tip: Always make sure you don’t pack every corner of the room with supplies. Keep a nice, and BIG open space for your creations. I got lucky with a built in desk – honestly, that part was a main selling point when we bought the house!

#4: Connect Yourself to Technology

If your space provides, encompass your office space and computer into your crafting area. This is especially important when you have a Cricut or other machines that require PC connections.

#5: Natural Light 

The more natural light the better! Mine is in the basement so my sun light is limited, but I make sure the blinds are open whenever possible.

#6: More Creation Space – Drawing Space

If you are one to draw, color or paint – a drafting table is a must! It’s a great space to get creative on.

#7: Personal Touches – Add Your Obsessions

I am obsessed with Tinkerbell and stuffed animals – as you see in the pictures! Add those touches to your room – whatever your obsessions are.

Craft Room Decorating Ideas to Drool Over

Okay, I had to do it. I had to share those craft rooms that are in every crafters dreams!

Let the drooling commence: Amazing craft room decorating ideas.

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