Cross stitch is not just a hobby it is a way of life. And it needs to be fun, not stressful!

A great way to stay organized is to keep a cross stitch planner (or journal). You can do this just in a notebook – or you can step up for game with this Cross Stitch Planner made just for you!

But Why Use a Cross Stitch Tracker?

It may sound like woo-woo but if you are intentional and have a vision of what you want to achieve you are more likely to actually achieve it. 

What better way to have a clear vision and stay intentional then to keep a cross stitch planner each year. 

Not only can you organize your regular life, to make more time for stitching; you can also organize your stitching life. 

We release a cross stitch planner for each year — ready to see the 2023 Cross Stitch Planner??

2023 Cross Stitch Planner

There are three options for this years Cross Stitch Planner:

  • Physical copy – mailed to you
  • Digital copy – compatible with GoodNotes for digital planners
  • Printable copy – one PDF ready for you to print and make your own binder. 

For those that can’t decide between printing your own and trying out some digital planning — You will also have the option to purchase the combo, which includes both the printable and digital version.

Included in all versions of this planner is:

  • 2023 year of stitches – stitch counter.
  • Monthly and weekly pages are stitchy themed in black and white, and set up so you can color them in and make it your own! 
  • Monthly Sections that include:
    • Goals, Important Stitchee Related Dates, Theme of month’s challenge (Stitchee Only) and space for your own notes. 
    • Stitch Challenge STITCHO Board, and Stitches Count tracker.
    • Free small pattern. 
    • A stitch tracker (to track your month’s stitches)
    • Place to tally up your prize entries for the cross stitch challenge. 
  • Weekly Sections that include:
    • Space for notes for each day of the week
    • Task area for a to do list for the week.
    • General Notes section (or a doodle space)


Buy Your 2023 Cross Stitch Planner

Below you will see all the versions you can purchase (once they are released).

PRINTED: Available for purchase, while supplies last!

Digital & Printable versions available in December 2022

What’s Different This Year??

This years planner has some amazing upgrades:

  • Hard covered and a nice Matte finish.
  • Solid rose gold coil binding.
  • Pockets on the inside of the covers for some storage space. 
  • 2 pages of stitching themed stickers. 
  • Tabs dividers for the months.
  • Comes in a box to protect it while shipping — and  you can use to store some stitchy supplies afterwards. 

Not Sure Which to Get?

Here’s a quick overview of what each version is best for.

Printed Version

  • You love paper and pen planning.
  • You don’t have a printer, or you prefer it done and ready for you. 
  • Makes a great gift for a stitcher.
  • Printed on heavier stock paper so great for coloring. 

Printable Version

  • You want access to the stitch challenges early, and the free patterns but not sure you will use the planner. 
  • You love the DIY approach. 
  • Print only the pages you want. 
  • Have a Happy Planner (and it’s hole punch) and want to customize into it. 

Digital Version

  • You are hooked on digital planning and love your Apple Pencil (or Android equivelant)
  • Save the trees and want to have your planner on your tablet. 
  • Tech savvy
  • Want easy portability and not have to carry around a full planner.

Combo Version

  • You aren’t sure if you want to just print your own, or try out digital planning. 
  • You can digital plan day to day and print off the pages you want (like the patterns).
  • Want options.

Printed Version – 2023 Cross Stitch Planner

It will have a hard cover, rose gold (solid) coil bindings, pockets on the inside of the covers, and divider tabs; shipping in a matching box (you can also use for stitchy supplies)

It is approx 9″ x 11.5″ (inner pages approx 8.25 x 11.25) in size, with just over 100 pages.

The month dividers will be color, and all other pages will be “DIY” – meaning YOU get to color them in.

Available while supplies last. 

BONUS: Two pages of stickers included INSIDE the planner and an elastic style bookmark. Plus, PDF versions of all included patterns will be sent before January. 

Printable Version – 2023 Cross Stitch Planner

This will be a single PDF download.

When printed, it is 8.5″ x 11″ in size, with just over 200 pages.

The month dividers will be color, and all other pages will be “DIY” – meaning YOU get to color them in.

Digital Version – 2023 Cross Stitch Planner

This will be a PDF that is compatible with loading into GoodNotes. (it should work with other programs as well, GoodNotes is just the most popular and the one I have to test it).

It has linked tabs for easy nagivating.

Combo Version – 2022 Cross Stitch Planner

This will include BOTH the digital version and the printable versions.