100 Stitch EACH Day Cross Stitch Challenge

Ever feel like your stitch bug has went on vacation? Or maybe you just have so many things on your to do list that you “forget” to sit down and stitch?

Well, I’m here to help (wow don’t I sound like a sales person there!) This isn’t a sales pitch. Its a stitch pitch!

Cross stitching is super relaxing and it’s an amazing way to unwind every day – yes I said EVERY day. I use it as my wind down right before bed, usually with some Netflix or just peace and quiet. But even I miss day, many of them sometimes! So I thought up a fun way to keep motivated to cross stitch. 

The Challenge

There are not many rules to this – really it’s just one. Cross stitch EACH day and do at least 100 stitches (you can definitely do more). 

If something major comes up in life, you are allowed to play catch up if needed – we all know life can get in the way sometimes – being an adult is hard! So if you miss a day or two because of life then just do 200 or 300 stitches the next day. 

These 100 stitches can be on any WIP or it can be 10 stitches on each of your WIP – you pick. Just stab your fabric 100 times each day. 

Staying Motivated

First off, take a picture as soon as you accept this challenge and post it to whichever social media platform you love most (or all three):

Facebook            Pinterest          Instagram

This is your acceptance of the challenge. After that just take pictures every day, week or month. Keep sharing with us! You can spam me everyday, or make a collage of a week’s worth of work. Or simply post once a week your 700 stitches. Choice is yours. 

Guidelines for Social Media Sharing

  • Facebook: Add your images to the comments of the “100 Stitch Challenge” post. *if you are a member of the Creatively Crafting SAL then you can also add your images to our photo album. 
  • Pinterest: There is a group board on my profile called “100 Stitch Cross Stitch Challenge” you can request to join that board and add your pins.
  • Instagram: Simply upload your progress to your profile and use the hashtag #100stitches and tag me @creatively.crafting 

Staying Accountable

Ok, now for some more fun to add to this challenge. Here is a cute printable for you to keep at your stitchy spot to make sure you stay on track for this 100 stitch cross stitch challenge. 

You will print this, and each day color in one stitch once you have completed your 100 stitches. 

Once you have filled the page – you have completed 100 days! That’s 10,000 stitches! 

Want to keep on challenging yourself? Simply print out 3 of that’s nearly one year of stitching! Have fun with it!

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