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Low Carb Ramen

Ramen is SUCH a comfort food, but at the same time… the carbs! A main staple in ramen is the noodles. That problem is solved right here! Low carb ramen. Great for
By : Creatively Crafting | Jul 8, 2018

Cross Stitch Lingo – Stitcher Slang

Cross stitch lingo is fairly simply once you understand it.¬†Every hobby has its lingo and cross stitching has it’s own dictionary. If you ever join any cross stitch groups, you will be
By : Creatively Crafting | Jun 7, 2018

Why Do We Need Creativity??

Let’s start with a simple question . . . why do we need creativity? I bet the first thing that comes to your mind is “I’m totally NOT creative, it can’t be
By : Creatively Crafting | May 23, 2018

Easy Quail Craft

Fun & Easy Quail Craft for Kids Thinking of the ABCs and trying to tie them to crafts I realized that there are very few crafts for things that start with Q.
By : Creatively Crafting | May 9, 2018

Easy Nachos Recipe – Great Friday Night Dinner!

Easy Nachos Recipe – with a healthy option! This is a staple in my household, usually on a Friday night when you want to munch on junk food and channel surf. You
By : Creatively Crafting | May 4, 2018

Ground Turkey Meatballs Recipe

Zoodles & Ground Turkey Meatballs Recipe Easy and tasty, low in carbs! You will love this zoodle and ground turkey meatballs recipe! This zoodle and ground turkey meatballs recipe is a result
By : Creatively Crafting | Mar 17, 2018

Downloadable Cross Stitch Patterns

Downloadable Cross Stitch Patterns Downloadable cross stitch patterns are the new way to get your stitch fix. If you go to a craft store nowadays and look at the cross stitch section
By : Creatively Crafting | Feb 13, 2018

Beating Sugar Addiction – Life After is Still Sweet!

Beating Sugar Addiction was a success! We have been successful at beating sugar addiction. Alright, we’ve finished treatment, and we are past the sugar withdrawals and on to the everyday life that
By : Creatively Crafting | Jan 30, 2018

Checking Off My Bucket List

The fun has begun. Checking off my bucket list! One trip, three items off my list. If you have looked at my ever evolving creative bucket list I have many random, fun
By : Creatively Crafting | Jan 15, 2018

Breaking Sugar Addiction – A Real Eye Opener!

Breaking sugar addiction is not as easy as it sounds. Sugar is a drug, and like all other drugs it takes LOTS of work to kick the habit. All changes in habits
By : Creatively Crafting | Jan 3, 2018

DIY Christmas Tree Skirt

Every tree needs a Skirt! This is an awesomely super simple DIY Christmas Tree Skirt you can make in literally fifteen minutes! Easiest DIY Christmas Tree Skirt So each year I look
By : Creatively Crafting | Dec 9, 2017

Adventures with Toronto City Pass

Adventures with the Toronto City Pass What a blast! We have been on many trips to Toronto – I have even lived there for 4-5 years. This was by far the best
By : Creatively Crafting | Aug 6, 2017