Hello World! We are officially ready to sprinkle our creativity all over the World Wide Web, so keep an eye out for our new posts. I’m sorry for the lack of posts on here but I am spending a lot of time typing away to share my creativity adventures.


What will you see on here in the (very) near future?

  • All the good reasons to be creative and craft.
  • DIY ideas (both from me, and from all over the web).
  • I plan to take “Pinterest” ideas and other online ideas and re-create them – see if the instructions really do create the same product.
  • My craft ideas
    • Recycled crafts
    • DIY projects
    • Upcycling old stuff
    • Card and gift making
    • Scrapbooking
    • Pyrography (wood-burning)
    • Drawing and painting; coloring and coloring books
    • Cooking and fun recipes
    • Cross stitching
    • Paper crafts
    • Tips and tricks; product recommendations and reviews
    • Printables
    • Taking your recommendations and creative ideas

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What is Creatively Crafting?

Do you want to get in touch? Well just pop over and contact me – I will email everyone back, and try to do it within 24 hours.


Hello World! Welcome to Creatively Crafting!

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